Casandra LEE
Casandra Lee is an Asian-American multimedia artist, based in Peterborough, Ontario. She has been an artist for 11 years now, and loves about every medium available in the art store. Bright colors are prevalent throughout her work. She is passionate about storytelling and capturing feelings better expressed through art. Her work is inspired by everything from the cosmos to communities to ladybugs. 
Currently, Casandra is in the process of illustrating two books. Building a Home, commissioned by the New Canadians Centre, tells the tale of children moving to Canada and all that comes with adapting to a new country. The second book is a collaboration with author C Y Gopinath. The Bells of Casiopia is a story of loss, wonder, and hope.
When Casandra is not creating art, she is cooking her cravings, tending to house plants, or taking long walks with her husband along the Otonabee River.